What is Bio Music One’s secret?


Bio Music One is a process that produces melodious sound waves in order to create waveforms. The vibrations of these waveforms activate subtler sound waveforms. The process upon which Bio Music One is founded is based on the symbiotic coherence of these three layers, creating “Unified Fields of Sound Waves” (UFSW) that are beneficial to human beings and their environment.

The UFSWs revitalise water, optimise its conductivity and protect it from the perturbing impact of all forms of stress (e.g. memory, personal, relationship, environmental, telluric, and electromagnetic). This leads to a clear and fluid flow of information in 100% of body fluids that support good body function and maintain a state of well-being as well as enhanced consciousness for better acknowledgement of One-Self.

6 Complementary Musical Journeys

Getting your hands on the Bio Music One albums isn’t just another purchase, it’s an investment in your consciousness and well-being assets. Bio Music One includes 6 complementary albums available across 4 different media: CD, USB Drive, Download and Smartphone App.


Energetic Structure


Solid Structure


Liquid Structure


Vital Memories


Conscious Awareness of Polarities


Conscious Awareness of One-Self

Enjoy the audio quality of the Bio Music One albums

All Bio Music One albums have been remastered at Metropolis Studios in London, well known as one of the top three recording and mastering studios in the world, apart from the ‘Monte Cristo 1’ album, which was mastered at the renowned Sony Music Studios, also in London. This was done to give you optimal audio quality, especially during sonic meditations.

Two main approaches to using Bio Music One

1. In ‘Inaudible and Continuous’ Mode: To maintain a sustained effect in your daily life, day or night. Follow your intuition to choose the best possible album at the time of playback.
‘Inaudible’ =
the minimum volume level at which to play the music without hearing it.
‘Continuous’ =
putting the album on repeat mode in playback order (i.e. not shuffled).

2. In CONSCIOUS LISTENING: To speed up the release of stress and memory blockages in a state of enhanced awareness and optimized receptivity, thus making it easier to experience conscious realisations. Do this preferably in a sitting position, eyes closed, away from anything that may disturb you. Let go and be mindful of what you may perceive, including visions or information you might receive in a specific moment, or in the hours and days that follow, without trying to mentally understand, retain or interpret them.

How to choose your Bio Music One albums?


To benefit fully from the beneficial effects of Bio Music One, it is best to use the full series of the 6 albums. However, to choose one album to start with, please listen to the audio extracts of the different albums and pay attention to your whole being while listening to the various titles. The albums that awaken in you physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and/or other sensations will correspond to the vibratory rebalancing you need in this period of your life. You are also welcome to consult our compiled table of distinctive and complementary features of the Bio Music One Albums.


Copying audio files

Warning!  Only audio files from the original CD and USBs or downloaded from our server directly to your playing devices (mobile or smart phone, tablet, computer, mp3 player…) incorporate 100% of UFSWs. Any copying or modification of the original audio files nullifies the beneficial effects of the Bio Music One process.

Download the table of distinctive and complementary features of the Bio Music One Albums

6 albums in synergy for optimum balance

The Bio Music One albums complement each other because they act on different resonant body circuits, enabling targeted support. Each Bio Music One album generates a specific sound waveform. The 6 albums used in synergy in a precise order activate a seventh sound waveform, which corresponds to the full process. For optimal use of Bio Music One, please follow the album order shown below, inaudible or inaudible mode: 

  • Over half a day: play each CD once, either during the day or during the night. Repeat as many days as you feel necessary.
  • Over a week: play each CD day or night in ‘inaudible and continuous’ mode. Don’t play any CDs on the 7th day. Repeat over 1 or 2 weeks and/or return to intuitive play.

Follow the album order shown below

Recommended use


In sonic meditations: To accelerate the release of stress and of memorial blockages.


During work and creative activities: For better attention, concentration, creativity and productivity.


During sleep: In ‘inaudible and continuous’ mode for better quality of sleep.


During intimate moments: To become better aware of yourself and the other..


During the practice of yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other sports: To better feel the impact of the movement of the body and thus refine your practice and discipline according to the needs and abilities of your mind-body.


By car or public transport: To drive or be driven in optimal alertness levels and optimal concentration, as well as increased comfort and considerably reduced fatigue.

Diffusive range of the UFSWs of Bio Music One

40 meters (130 ft) in a living or working environment with walls and partitions and 120 meters (394 ft) in open air.

NB: UFSWs do not go through walls. In order for the UFSWs to diffuse properly, doors must be left wide open.

An extensive array of beneficial effects 


Accelerated release of stress and disturbing or traumatic memories


Reconnection to, and better presence with, your inner and higher Selves


Anchoring, connection, alignment


Increased overall well-being, better sleep


Improved natural vitality


Letting go, a quiet and relaxed mind, inner peace, serenity, plenitude


Increased creativity, attention, concentration


Increased self-confidence


Joy of living


Increased physical and intellectual performance


Improved intuition and sensory perception


Discovery of your spiritual dimension


Improved ability to make important realisations


Increased awareness of intimate relationships


Reduction of electro hypersensitivity


Apoyo eficaz a todo tipo de terapias y tratamientos energéticos.


Optimizes the practice of wellness activities for better mind and body balance (Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Sports, Coaching …)


Optimizes activities related to environmental well-being (Feng-Shui, Geobiology, Dowsing)


Beneficial effects for animals and plants


Revitalisation of water and improved water conductivity


Improved perception of the impact of your thoughts, words and actions on yourself, others around you and your environment

The effect of water revitalisation by Bio Music One’s UFSWs, scientifically demonstrated

The effects of restructuring water and optimizing its conductivity by Bio Music One’s UFSWs are demonstrated with Differential Conductivity and High Performance Liquid Chromatography tests, performed by Mikhail Kulagin, biophysicist at the ‘AN Sysin’ laboratory of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Further tests were carried out by the laboratories of Masaru Emoto as well as with Sensitive Crystallization and the Electrophysionic process.


Vital support scientifically demonstrated


The beneficial effects of Bio Music One on the body have been demonstrated with various tests, studies and observations performed by independent researchers and doctors who are well recognised in their own fields of expertise.

Observations in wellness centres caring for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as well as autistic patients have show positive and very encouraging improvements in behaviour.

In conclusion, these tests demonstrate that, by revitalising water in the body, the UFSWs of Bio Music One act positively on all dimensions of our being.

Scientists and researchers interested in studying Bio Music One with their own protocols are welcome to contact us via email or through our contact form on our CONTACT page.

Who are the creators of Bio Music One and how did they create it?

Robert Lissalde and Jean-Louis Fargier are the co-creators of the Bio Music One process and the musical productions that incorporate it. Authors, composers and music producers, they are also researchers who now specialise in the study of Unified Fields of Sound Waves (UFSWs), which they discovered, and their impact on all living things. Bio Music One is the result of over twenty years of their close collaboration in research and development of musical applications.

Through intense and specific work on themselves, supported by the development of a specific energy protocol, Robert and Jean-Louis create Bio Music One in a recording studio in optimal conditions worthy of a scientific laboratory to produce musical creations with bio- active effects.


The co-creators of Bio Music One use their subtle sensitivity and an increased awareness of their body-instruments as measuring tools, finely tuned to feel and discern, in their vibratory dimension, the impact of frequency, sounds, rhythms, harmonies and melodies whose special alchemy constantly generates rebalancing sound waveforms.
During 25 years of collaboration, through a rigorous and constant training that enable them to perceive subtle dimensions and access sonic information non-audible to the human ear, Robert and Jean-Louis have acquired an expertise that allows them to identify several levels of sound waveform emissions and to sequence them in order to get targeted benefits, always beneficial to humans and the environment (animals, plants, water, air).


Bio Music One respects the freedom and identity of all individuals. It does not use subliminal messages and is not linked to any religious, philosophical or political organisation, doctrine or ideology.

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