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What is a Bio Music One Interactive Conference?

An Interactive Bio Music One conference is more than just a way to discover and experience the Bio Active nature of the Bio Music One process. It is a real rebalancing session that, while always respecting your needs, can produce immediate and stunning results.

The conference itself aims to explain the physiological impact and therapeutic potential of what we have coined as “Unified Fields of Sound Waves” (UFSWs). At the same time, participants benefit from a first rebalancing session with inaudible playback.

During the interactive session, participants can take part in a series of rebalancing sonic mini-meditations while in a state of optimised receptivity and conscious-awareness, both of which enable participants to feel the potential of each Bio Music One album.

If you’d like to improve your life at every level with this efficient, simple-to-use support tool accessible to all, it sounds like you’d like our Interactive Conferences!

What is a Bio Music One workshop?


A Bio Music One workshop is best experienced at a vibrational (informational) level rather than a mental one. It touches on subtle dimensions of our beings that we rarely experience in everyday life. It works as series of listening sessions of Bio Music One albums to make it easier to accomplish deep and profound inner change at a cellular level.

By immersing yourself in Bio Music One’s beneficial sonic vibrations, you will undertake a vibratory odyssey taking you to the heart of your being, and in the process, freeing you from stress and blockages holding you back:

– Re-establish good cellular harmony
– Rediscover clarity of mind, serenity, vitality, presence and joy of living
– Reconnect with your higher Self for better guidance
– Encourage conscious realisations
– Recognise and accept your inner identity
– Fully express your potentialities

We regularly organize webinars which offer Bio Music One harmonizing listening sessions. If you would like to organize one with us for your contact network, write to us via our contact page. See you soon !


Karrantza (Pais Basco) – del Lunes 5 al Domingo 11 Agosto 2024

Participación de Bio Music One en el Festival ApapachoFest, el Mayor Festival sobre Relaciones Conscientes en Habla Hispana, organizado por Hugo Lega.
Taller de ‘Meditación Metasónica’ armonizante: Martes 6 de Agosto
Stand Bio Music One + sesiones de terapias Bio Music One: durante todo el festival
Ubicación: Hotel Balneario Casa Pallotti | El Valle Verde de Karrantza | 48891 Karrantza Harrana, Vizcaya, País Basco
Información: ApapachoFest


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