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Students go back to school for the 2020-2021 academic year this week in the UK. They go back in an extra-ordinary context – the risk of infection from coronavirus warrants strict social distancing and hygiene measures that students and teachers alike may find difficult to follow, creating an additional, non-trivial layer of stress for everyone…

So how to go back to school stress-free? Bio Music One can help in a number of ways:

1. In Class 

1.1. As a teacher, you can play Bio Music One in inaudible and continuous modes* to maintain a good vibratory quality of the class environment, helping to:

  • Reduce class tension
  • Harmonise the class
  • Improve students’ attention-keeping, concentration and aptitude to recall information
  • Develop creativity
  • And much more… (see : www.biomusicone.com/education-en)

I am an English teacher in a school in France with difficult students. They are students who suffer a lot (at home). Bio Music One has helped them to be happy (at school). During a class test, I played the album ‘KINEMA 1’ and, to my great surprise, all the students were concentrating very hard on the test. Usually they just about manage to write their name down.” J, UK

1.2. You can also do a short sonic meditation (choose any track) before starting your day and after each break-time / recess, before a lesson / study period, for relief from stress and to ‘clean’ the classroom and appease students so as to re-establish the best possible conditions for more consciously-aware learning.

I’m a kindergarten / pre-school teacher and I’ve noticed that the children ‘changed’ when they listen to Bio Music One. If one day we can’t go outside and they’re a bit restless, I tell them “we’re going to put on the music!”. The album that has the biggest impression on them is ARNICA MONTANA 1. The older ones say that “the lady sings beautiful”.” SN, France

2. Coming back home from school

When I drive the children home from school, I play the last track from the album ‘ARNICA MONTANA 1’. It lasts just the time of the trip and it is enough to release the stress of the day and the excitement of leaving school. The children are calmer and the atmosphere is more relaxed when we get home“, a mother once confided to us at the end of a Bio Music One conference.

3. At home

We recommend you to play Bio Music One when your children come back from school and your spouse returns home from work, as well as during dinner / supper time. The support of bio-active sound vibrations then helps to re-harmonise the family and helps to release the stress that each one ‘brings’ home with him or her from his or her day at work / school. This support encourages harmonious exchanges in a light and peaceful atmosphere.

Using Bio Music One in ‘inaudible and continuous mode’* or in the background can also help your children do their homework better by restoring the conditions to help better maintain intellectual performance.

I have been using Bio Music One for some time. The other day I put it on for a friend’s granddaughter while she was drawing. The result was impressive. She made a drawing as accurate as a 9 or 10 year old girl would do when she’s just 7 years old. Nothing like the drawings she usually does. She herself was impressed to see her drawing. Congratulations for doing what you do!!” AR, Spain

Do you want to let anxiety-provoking situations and back-to-school stress affect you?

Bio Music One can play its part to help you get through this period and the months that follow in joy, peace, creativity and lightness. Make the most of it!

I use the album ‘KINEMA 1’ in class. Without a doubt, it installs a state of tranquility. The staff also finds that it makes them calmer. GL, France

KINEMA 1 – ARNICA MONTANA 1 – ARNICA MONTANA 2 are the three albums we particularly recommend as classroom support tools. You can buy them on our online store and download them with the Bio Music One app.

Please share with us your own observations after using your albums, via the CONTACT page on our website or by sending us an email to info@biomusicone.com. We’re grateful to everyone who does.

I have never revealed to my students that I put on a Bio Music One album but when the class is over, they do feel a certain well-being. I don’t do any relaxation (techniques) and yet they feel like they’ve had a good night’s sleep.” N, France

* ‘Inaudible mode’ = sound at a minimum so as to spread bio-active sound vibrations without hearing the music.


Bio Music One in numbers

  • 1 process integrated in 1 series of 6 complementary albums
  • 20 years of Research & Development
  • 15 years of market presence
  • 30+ sonic tests and observations demonstrate its beneficial effects
  • 6000+ testimonials attesting as to its effectiveness
  • 250 000+ users around the world
  • 70+ showcased on TV channels, radios stations and in international print media 
  • 500+ conferences and workshops in 10 years (Europe, Canada, Russia)
  • 1 Application on iOS and Android

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