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App Audio Album “iLove – 1. Kundalini” (Conscious awareness of the energy of the Kundalini). Integrates the harmonising ‘Metasonic effect’.



    Robert and Jean-Louis, co-creators of Bio Music One, inspired by the high-intensity experiences of users of the first series of albums as well as their own supersensitive experiences, have discovered the existence of meta-sonic bioactive fields and their profoundly harmonizing effects.

    During ten years devoted to the study of these fields (2010-2020), they acquired the mastery and developed a new process which they call “Metasonic Effect“, included in all their recent productions.

    This second series of melodic albums will take you on a journey to discover new vibratory and sensitive perceptions, developing an awareness of yourself to live fully in harmony with your terrestrial, human and cosmic environment, in the present time.

    Embark on the meta-sonic Bio Music One vessel with the first voyage of the second series, “iLove – 1. Kundalini” (Conscious awareness of the energy of the Kundalini).

    • Travel, vibrate, initiate yourself, broaden your consciousness.
    • Resonate with other dimensions of your being.
    • Live high intensity experiences.
    • Find contact with the unity of Creation and feel the harmony with the Whole.

    Welcome aboard BMO!
    Xplore, Xperiment, Xpand!

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