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USB Monte Cristo 3




    The Bio Music One Aspect

    WELL-BEING: resonance avec the Vital Memories – Physical & intellectual performance – Physical and mental letting-go
    VITAL SUPPORT: Digestive, Immune, Genetic systems
    ENHANCED CONSCIOUSNESS: Transmutation, Freedom, Orientation – polarities mother / father – psychological level
    ENVIRONMENT: water revitaliser – protection against electromagnetic pollution
    MUSICAL LISTENING: Journey of psycho-corporeal initiation – Ambient Dance Underground.

    For more information, please download our document on the particularities and complementarities of Bio Music One CDs.

    The Artistic Aspect

    Second remix complet de l’album original : un voyage Ambient Dance Underground à travers les styles house, disco, break beat, techno, trance et drum & bass. Co-remixé et co-produit avec DJ Primed. Mixé live par DJ Primed.

    What the media say about Monte Cristo

    – “Brainy French types create chilled niceness… and their music is sublime downtempo electronica”  ‘Muzik’ magazine, taken from their “top dance 50” feature.
    – “If they played this in aquarium shops up and down the country sales would go through the roof by virtue of its definite ‘aqueous appeal’ topping fictional mermaid charts for months, if not years. Rather brilliant.” New-Noise.net
    – “The “Je t’aime, moi non plus” of trance” Subba Cultcha

    – ” Monte Cristo, with ‘Revelation Five’, do the downtempo, chill-out, lounge lizard thing with style and precision … a sumptuously cool work that you can use to better yourself or just breathe in its slick simplicity and let it do its thing.” Peter Brown aka toxicpete.co.uk

    Some of the hundreds of positive feedback received from international DJs on the single and the album of Monte Cristo 1

    – ‘A brilliant collection of great music of all styles that is a pleasure to listen to’ Anthony Pappa
    – ‘A strong distinctive release, A breath of fresh air. Love it ‘ Jody Wisternoff
    – ‘Love this project and have reviewed in NOTION mag’ Pathaan
    – ‘Really like this, it’s in my car stereo at the moment, lovely stuff’ Hybrid
    – ‘Nice to play at home… production is well done’ Chris Fortier
    – ‘A home listening album and a very good one at that. Good work. 8/10’ Andy Holt
    – ‘Really like this.’ Tall Paul
    – ‘Soft soothing sounds, elements of Enigma & Deep Forest.’ Duncan Forbes
    – ‘What house would sound like if Air made house’ Commie (MoS Radio)
    – ‘It has an original sound to it, very 80s fused Frenchness going on’ Chris Gainer
    – ‘Cool sounds and early William Orbit style production make this very likeable’ Wayne Fountaine
    – ‘Overall a fascinating piece of work.’ Gordon Kaye
    – ‘Certainly has that French electronic sound’ Jon Sinclair
    – ‘A trio of Gallic beauties’ Clive Craske
    – ‘On my Radio Show for sure’ Paul Hughes
    – ‘Like this a lot, something different, nice and chilled’ Stu Hirst
    – ‘Absolutely dynamite!! Love this!!’ Derek Taylor
    – ‘Very impressed with this and have played quite a lot’ Sonny Wharton
    – ‘Loving it. Really loving it.’ Cass
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